April 30, 2007

Trail of Music

When I created this blog, I named it Lost for Words in the same breath. I don’t know, probably I’m almost always at loss of words, or may be the lunatic in my head was more inclined towards this Floydian verse. It’s the impact, the ruminations that goes on subconsciously that makes you see things with this perspective. In the 70s, the anti-establishment punk rock inspired youth and influenced their lifestyles. Punk culture was symbolic of youthful rebellions, strange clothing, I-don’t-give-a-damn thinking and DIY (Do it yourself!) attitude. Music kept altering peoples’ lives and various genres had their own effect. For those people who live only to earn their bread, like me, music was just to give some moments of relaxation and unbridled self assessment. In my case, I can relate to music to some distinct phases of my life. A particular song brings me back to somewhere, where I had been at some point of time in my life. When I listen to My Sacrifice by Creed, I feel as if I’m traveling on top or the side stands of a jeep, leaning out with my hair blowing in the wind. No, I’m not demented or drugged enough to hallucinate; it’s just the primeval association of this song to those carefree days of my Rural Internship (May 2003, Gujarat).

I have more of such reminiscences. When I was preparing for engineering entrance examinations during class 12th (2001-2), I used to study whole night (seriously). I always had my walkman ear-plugged in nightlong (inferior technology of bygone days :) ) and I only had a few cassettes mostly of Bryan Adams and some of Boyzone(and other Boy bands). Even today when I listen to Bryan Adams, I visualize myself sitting in the drawing room with Physics book open, calculator, trash paper full of mathematics scattered around me. Any song of The Best of Me album will make me feel the same way. I always liked the songs of Rang De Basanti and I listened to it continuously during the period when college ended and job was yet to start. Today any RDB song especially Khoon Chala reminds me of those self motivating days. I will list down some more as I remember:

Class 8th 9th 10th - Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, J Lo ( What trash I used to listen!! But we all make mistakes in childhood :) )

Class 10th – Titanic Tunes ( Love it!! So romantic and melancholy)

Class 11th 12th – Bryan Adams, Boyzone, Celine Dion, Strings (Duur, Anjane etc.)

1st and 2nd semester – Progressive ( There was this assorted cassette. Had really good songs like In the End(LP), Youth of the Nation(POD), Headstrong(Trapt), California here we come etc.), The Wall by Pink Floyd( I was introduced to PF by my elder cousin. The first song was probably Shine on a New Crazy Diamond. I didn’t like it then, one of the grave childhood mistakes you see :), but I liked it after listening to We don’t need no education and since then it has been ON always.)

Rural Internship- Weathered Album by Creed particularly My Sacrifice and One Last Breath. (There was this young Class 8th guy whom we called RJ. He had this cassette luckily. The song One Last Breath reminds me of my biggest crush so far. After the infatuation got over, it has been my ringtone since last four years.)

Exam time in college- Bhavesh used to play enrique songs to keep us awake whole night. :)

Feb 2006 Delhi Trip- This was for the IMS Seminar for IIM interviews. We three friends were there. The song Zinda Hoon Main brings us back to the hotel room.

Mar 2006 Delhi Trip- This was for my IIMK interview and that time I was in awe of this Floyd song Lost for Words and listened it continuously.(I have this habit of listening the same song for weeks). This still reminds me of the great time I had with my cousins there.

June 2006 Shimla Trip- I hate to say but this trip was associated with Himesh Reshammiya ( I hope I have got the spelling entirely wrong). We travelled in a car and there were loads of Reshammiya cassettes, hence no choice. Gangster songs also marked this trip.)

Bangalore days- Mostly It has been Pink Floyd with notably high frequency of songs like The Final Cut, Wish You Were Here, On the Run etc. Iron Maiden follows next.

That’s it I guess. All these songs have bouts of memory behind them. It’s like having a trail to the past- listen a song and relate it to the bygone days. I’m nostalgic, am I not?