February 17, 2009


I was tagged by Monica(although on facebook). I must honour a tag as it gives me an opportunity to update my blog. I'm supposed to tag 25 people henceforth but I don't want to burden people during recessions times (another lame recession joke). If you like, please go ahead and accept the tag.

To begin with,

1. I hate to talk about myself. :-)

2. I don’t know how to spit.

3. Speed comes naturally to me.

4. I can listen to the same song over and over again. Often, there is one song that is stuck in my mind.

5. I love to attend rock concerts.

6. I eat a lot (disproportionate to my structure).

7. I love standing in balcony and watching the traffic. The speeding cars, the lone walker, the people, the vroom sound and the randomness of vehicles thrill me.

8. There are an awful lot of things in my to-do list always and it keeps growing.

9. I enjoy the take-off of flight. It’s so enthralling.

10. I don’t do well in exams. If I correct a MCQ answer, I would mark the wrong one.

11. I am INTP – Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving as per MBTI.

12. A 65 kb file disturbed me a lot.

13. I love to take pictures. Also, I don’t like myself being photographed.

14. I smoke so less that I don’t qualify as a smoker.

15. The most riveting years this decade for me have been 2002 and 2006.

16. I love standing at the edge of the train door and tilting out a little. The feel of a speeding train, the katar-katar sound, the passing landscape, the continuous flow of thoughts, the setting sun and everything related to it is just amazing.

17. I am not too adept at tying shoelaces.

18. I spend a lot of time on facebook.

19. The last page of my notebook is full of all kinds of sh!t.

20. A late night talk on phone is a great thing to do.

21. A late night coffee and walk is another great thing to do.

22. I always look forward to next trek or trip.

23. I don’t enjoy parties much. But I like meeting people there.

24. I often hurt people but I’m first to say sorry.

25. I don’t like to wait for anything or anyone.

February 2, 2009


Caged in glass walls, he was hopping from one end to the other. They paid him and he got poorer. He was seeking solace, to pass his days, unperturbed in a silent shell created by himself, for himself. It is not exactly the unbridled freedom one hopes for, there isn't any as we all have history and future to deal with. He hasn't got any company as he walks on a path where there are many companions. The contradictions rule the roost. A ray of light which gave immense ephemeral pleasure disappeared at once. It had to someday, you can't keep on playing with fire forever without burning your hands. Days pass by and he ticks away the moments that make a dull day while trying hard not to be disillusioned. There are so many flickering things around and they all look the same. There are so many ramifications and he doesn't know if they all converge. He treads on his path like a sheep in the flock.