February 23, 2006

Arbit fundas of my life

It has been quite sometime since I have written on my favourite topic, Life et al. Someone (some great person) rightly said that Life is what happens while you plan other things. Life is an equation with too many variables to be taken care of. Things never go the way they were planned to and little do we know what's in store for us. My fundas of life are pretty vague and uncorrelated to what others think nevertheless I'll put some of them for public scrutiny.

1. Anything greater than zero is positive.

he he!Obvious na? Mathematically true but what I mean here is that whatever you get just put it in your bag because it is atleast 'something'. There are people who are dying for what you own. It may be materialistic things like your marks in exam, bank balance, clothes, sexy body etc. or something as basic as clean air, water or freedom. There are people who can't walk or do things on their own, it feels great whenever I realize that I can use my limbs to live gracefully. I just want to have whatever comes in my way.

2. Its hard to pretend to love someone when you really don't. But its harder to pretend you don't love someone when you really do!

I got this as an sms nevertheless I always felt so. Replace the word love with crush to make it more realistic. I feel it very very difficult to hide my feelings whether likes or dislikes. Eyes say everything. I just can't tell a lie looking directly into someone's eyes. However it is rather tough to strike a balance between public relations and my truest feelings.

3. Energy comes with will.

I can give my best only when my heart and mind are in consensus. In case of conflict, I want to go with mind but always end up with decisions taken from heart, guided by emotions. It's difficult to motivate oneself when one is not enthusiastic enough, afterall one can deceive anyone else but not oneself.

4. Freedom

What one should seek forever..No shackles, no barriers... Utopia!

5. If two distinct things are equally good and bad (if at all measurable!), then bad thing will overrule good one.

Pessimistic, not really!! Do we ever care if something good happen in our lives? We keep finding instances of Murphy's law in our lives but we never see the good things happening to us. The queue in which one stand moves slowest sometimes, but it does move faster also at various occasions. Happiness is ephemeral.

6. God is non-existent.

If it is there, what is it doing?If something goes haywire, some calamity strikes or everything goes kaput then it is considered to be God's wrath and when something fortuitous event occurs, God takes all the credit!! Good people die disgracefully without any fault on their part, innocent people are killed, rich exploits poor and weak, corrupt people flourish, women are raped and despite of all that if one thinks God is taking care of this world, I can't help it.

7. The sum total of all positive and negative virtues is not zero.

Optimistic is one who thinks there are more +ve than -ve and pessimistic thinks other way round. I keep vacillating. My other definition of optimist is one who considers zero to be positive and pessimist considers negative.

8. After infinity, minus infinity comes.

Some arbit mathematics..

9. If a path is changed before reaching destination you'll never reach the same destination. However, priorities change as life moves on.

Consider a sphere(or any solid) in your hand and any two points as starting point(source) and ending point(destination). Start from source and traverse in any direction to reach the destination and change the direction(or path) somewhere before reaching the destination. You'll never reach the same destination. Even if the path is changed more than once, the probability to reach same destination is theoretically zero. So if you wanna stick to something make sure you are there till the end. More advisable is to be flexible.

That is enough I guess. These were some of my arbit fundas which delineates my staccato lifestyle. Absurdity and Ingenuity are relative. :)

PS- The Bird Flu Scare has been overhyped, totally blown out of proportion. It is restricted to a very small area near Maharashtra-Gujarat border. Those who have stopped eating chicken may resume it asap.

February 19, 2006

IIM A Interview Experience

18th Feb 2006


GD: Case Study

I was the 5th person to be interviewed, it is toooo difficult to wait!
There were three interviewers, two young and one old. I didn't like any of them. :)

Interview Questions:

What are you doing these days??
Do you expect to passout and join us??
What is ICT??
What is Ranchi known for these days?
Dhoni Dhamaka?
Gave a graph, find the slope at various points!
Have you read algorithms?Networks?Data Structures?
What is a priority queue?
What is stack?
Difference between Queue and Stack?
Operations of Stack?
What will happen if I do pop operation on an empty stack?
Linked List??
Protocol of Internet??
Does it follow the OSI model?
Is internet session oriented?
Condition for maxima and minima
Integration by parts, write the formula
Integrate xe^x
What games do you play?
Apart from Anand, who is your fav player?
What do you know about algorithms of Deep blue?
Basic difference between thinking of human chess player and computer?
So you like risk taking abilities of Topalov?
Why don't you go for enterpreneurship, if you like risks?
Do you consider India a poor country?
Tell me five ways to remove poverty from india.
Is corruption prevalent everywhere?
GDP of India?
GDP of US?
How do you define poverty?
Why $1 per person per day? why not $2,3 or 5?

Crap Interview!! Took exactly 15 minutes, but felt like years!! I was totally exhausted after interview, slept like log.
Totally unconventional interview it was, no HR questions just acads acads and acads. Next is IIML@March 1.

February 11, 2006


I've always wanted more, and some more, more than what I have, more than what I have achieved. I don't think I'm greedy, not that I covet others' possessions (confession:rarely yes) but I haven't been content either. I was thinking about this, how content I've been in changing times. Obviously I was most satisfied when I was in infancy and during early school days, but as life progressed expectations and objectives collided with effort, luck and willingness. Recent years have seen a lot of changes in all facets of life and I've been confused most of the times. Guess that's what happens when you grow up.

I considered each and every year of my life and I analyzed how content I was.The graph below shows my level of contentment w.r.t. years(1984-2006 feb). This is the result of ennui @4 AM and the fact that blog is a place where one can whine officially!
max value at 1984 and neighbouring years, last value(=70%) is of 2006 so far. The graph is expected to be monotonically increasing in coming years.

February 2, 2006

Bangalore and IIFT interview

I've always held Bangalore in high esteem, and it hasn't changed despite all the oddities I faced there during my recent trip. Due to myriad postponement and preponement in schedule my whole travel plan was shuffled up, and Steve couldn't go with me :(, otherwise we had major plans of having 'fun' there. I reached Bangalore on 27 Jan 2300 hrs and the guy whom I befriended during my train journey gave me lift on his cousin's car to nearest hotel. Now I know it is a juvenile and risky proposition to take lift in a stranger's car, but what the heck, I'm not a kid anymore! I had my room booked in a guesthouse but that was from 29th, so on 27th night I stayed in some lodge. It was such a scary area, bars everywhere, drunk people shouting in kannada and looking at me strangely, all shops closed (it was not even 12) etc. Bangalore has become so populated, can't even imagine boarding in bus with people fighting to grab a seat. Worst was when I was returning back at midnight and a group of eunuch was standing there and staring at me..I was so scared..I started counting 1,2,3... and took a deep breath when I left them behind.
Finally I slept peacefully and next day I woke up early in morning(obviously on my own), took bath with ice-cold water and reached TIME GD/PI workshop centre right on time. It was St. Xavier's High School, Museum Road. I just loved the building- Christian Style, church, beautifully carved out structures, high roof corridors, pigeons flying and producing gutar-n-goo sound... I really adore classical buildings, one of the interests which I may develop in future. The workshop was a good one, GDs were really chaotic and PIs were stressing but the best thing was food! TIME guys brought some real good caterers and food was delicious. The day 2 of seminar was at St. Joseph High School nearby and it was much better. I had a decent warmup GD and PI just before actual IIFT interview, finally I left the workshop midway to study for tomorrow. I made some good friends there... Sandeep( RVCE Bangalore guy), Eileen( BBM girl with 6 calls, very decent girl), Srinath etc. but I didn't ask anyone's contact ID, that was such a stupid mistake on my part.
Then comes the purpose of my visit, IIFT interview.

Venue: Coffee Board, Bangalore
Date: 30 Jan 2006

24-25 ppl divided in two groups..I was in group 1
Essay topic: Morality and Consumerism (which I misread as consumers :( )

GD: FDI in retail sector
Moderators explicitly mentioned that they donot want a fish market and they are expecting a debate. They also told the criterions on which we were to be evaluated.
12 ppl - 1 absent = 11 ppl in GD . I was the ONLY fresher there.. so was feeling little awkward.
I was asked to start the GD ..my first attempt... fortunately I read a news report in TOI just an hour ago about FDI expectations in coming budget, so that really helped.
I was also the first person to summarize, and consequently, the first person to be interviewed ( hence I missed the coffee at coffee board)..

Prof himself came to call me for interview and I had to walk down three floors with him in complete silence except for boots...imagine..how I must have felt!

PI was ultra-cool!! Interviewers liked me, probably our auras matched..
all in all a 20-25 min affair!
Three ppl :
P1: Decent guy, asking psychological and HR questions
P2: Very learned person, Prof. of International Finance, He is a Sardar.
P3: Came late, asked a few ques only..

Questions and Answers:

1. Tell me something about yourself.
A: told abt Strengths, Hobbies, Interests...
2. What is blog?
A: told them..webspace where you express unrestricted thoughts...
3. Why do you blog?
A: no restrictions, know abt world, informal media etc. etc.
4. Do you like unrestricted world?
A: yes, as long as it doesn't offend anyone
5. Freedom of speech?
A: yes, definitely
6. Having shackles like regulation of blog, isn't it contradictory to the original idea?
A: Yes, but reader's sentiment must be cared..gave some examples of offensive blogs and its impact..
7. You live in G'nagar, why did you come to Bangalore?
A: planned my final yr proj here in some company, but doing in college.
8. Which companies in Bangalore did you try for internship? Why in telecom?
A: blah-blah, telecom is matter of interest
9. What do you listen in Music?
A: Mostly Rock
10. Your fav band??
11. Why Pink Floyd?How is it different?
A: they are natural and touch every facet of life, not just musical instruments but natural sound, explained a song and its beauty
12. Name the band members
A: bol diya
13. Tell me something about International Business
A: Finally came to the point!! told abt globalization, shrinking world, disappearing boundaries, increased trade..
14. What is Globalization?
A: defined in my own words...not very convincing..
15. Wasn't it there always?
A: yes, but it's faster than ever now..
16. What do you unerstand by Globalization in present scenario?
A: increased interaction, trade, services, outsourcing, global communication...
17. Define liberalization, give few points
A: Govt going easy..explained some fundas.. low taxations, licenses, setting up industries etc.
18. Name some items in India's Export Basket.
A: So bad! I couldn't answer prperly...Services..
19. What is your strongest area?
A: Mathematics
20. What is mathematics?How does it help?
A: Language of nature, explained him how the table infront of him was designed by the help of mathematics.. concept of numbers and operations..
21. You said you're good at calculations, what exactly do you mean?
A: Can do normal multiplication, division fastly..may find sin,cos,log,tan mentally..
22. I don't know log. explain me.
A: Started with defining 'numbers' and then 'operation' then addition then multiplication as repeated addition, then exponents as repeated multiplication, then log as a form of conveniently expressing it.. exponents converted to linear form..advantages..basically blah
23. You have said some nasty things about your homestate Bihar in your performa, Justify?
A: Rampant Anarchy, Mentality of people, underdevelopment..
24. If I make you CM of Bihar, what steps will you take?
A: Law and Order, faith of people in govt.,
25. What is the problem with Bihar? How can you solve it? Give steps.
A: Mentality, poverty etc. gave him ideas about controlling crime..
26. Why Acads so low?
A: adjustment problems, some personal reasons..
27. Can't you managed it in a better way?Time management?
A: accepted my fault..could have done better...
28.Scenario: You're manager of some firm..someone comes with a request for urgent payment..but payment is not possible today..what will you do?>
A: ask for reason..if genuine..recheck system for any provision, and even if there isn't any, allow him..humanitarian grounds..
29. Why don't you work for two years? MBA now and MBA then, whats the difference?
A: talked about perspective..can utilize two years in a better way
30. Tell me something about Gandhingar
A: trees trees and trees, nice ppl, retired ppl living...
31. How are ppl in Gandhinagar different from ppl in Bihar?
A: helpful, good business skills..blah
32. How do you find Gujaratis?
A: very nice...praised a lot..
33. Where have you been in India?
A: Started with delhi, rajasthan..and I was stopped in middle..
34. You've read Alchemist and summarized it as "Treasure lies where your heart belongs" Explain
A: talked about innate abilities..and how to realize..blah
35. Isn't it contradictory to some idea?
A: complementary actually..
36. Heart and Mind?
A: Mind should win.
37. What do you do after you return from college generally?
A: play football/TT, study, roam around, surf net, sleep..
38. You've leadership skills?what are they?
A: popularity, amicability, dealing with controversies and many more..
39. How do you finance yourself?
A: sound economic background..blah

So it got over finally! I enjoyed every bit of it..
My very old school friend was waiting outside..so I met him after 2-3 years, we roamed around in Bangalore but then we came back to hotel and talked a lot about present life, school, engg..he kept talking about marrying his girlfriend, I kept telling him 'get a life'..and I explained him fundas of Othello(was there in his mobile).. finally I left for Mumbai same night and then came back to personal hell..

Leaving for Delhi tomorrow..