September 30, 2007


How was my september? Anything worth to remember? Yes, in bits and pieces, but yes, nonetheless. I got rid of something which I shouldn't have ever accumulated at the first place.

The month started with a hopeful note. Few years back I had the beginning of a dream, but it was so far far away from ever becoming a reality that I couldn't dare to dream further. For a signifact part of this month, I chased it down, edged closer and closer but I still have some covering to do.The last day of the month was quite special. I met a very close schoolfriend after almost six years and ask me, was it fun? It was a blast! I wasn't quite in touch except few small, hasty yet conducive chats on yahoo messenger that was called for when one side was bored and the other busy. When you meet a old friend after many years, you discover so many new facets of changed lives. It almost felt like I was in a different world than them and suddenly the two worlds have united with their own characteristics intact. And yeah, I got the same old remark that goes like "Hey, you've not changed at all!" which is a mild way of putting "Hey, there's still no improvement in you. Why? I was expecting a bit, but that's fine, there's still time. Good luck!". :)

Hyderabadi Biryani never tasted so good!