March 30, 2005

The song of life- Bulla ki Jana

Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am? X 4

Na mei moman vich masetan Neither I am a believer (who stays) in a mosque
Na main vich kufar dian reetan Nor do I indulge in actions of disbelief
Na main pakan vich paleetan Nor am I the pure one amongst the impure

Na main andar bed kitaban Neither I exist in books of Vedh
Na main rehnda phaang sharaban Nor do I stay drunk
Na main rehnda mast kharaban Nor do I remain stoned, rotting

Na main shadi na ghamnaki Neither I am happy nor sad
Na mei vich paletan pakeen Nor am I in the (argument of) Purity and Impurity
Na main aaabi na main khaki Neither I am (made) of water nor of earth

Na main aatish na main paun Nor am I fire nor air
Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am? X 4

Na main arabi na lahori Neither Iam Arabic nor Lahori
Na main hindi shehar Nagaori Nor am I (resident of) the Indian City Nagaori
Na hindu na turk pashauri Nor Hindu nor Turk Peshaweri

Na main bhet mazhab de paya Neither I found the secret of religion
Na main aadam hawwa jaya Nor did understand Adam and Eve
Na koi apna naam dharaya Nor did I create a name for myself

Avval aakhar aap nu jana From beginning to end, I tried to understand myself
Na koi dooja hor pacchana I did not come to know of anyone else
Mai ton na koi hor syana I am not just another wise one

Bulle shah kharha hai kaun Bulla Shah, who is this standing?
Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am? X 4

Na main moosa na pharon Neither I am Moses nor Pharoah
Na main jagan na vich saun Neither I am awake nor asleep
Na main aatish na main paun Neither I am fire nor Air
Na main rahnda vich Nadaun Nor do I live among fools
Na main baitthan na vich bhaun Neither I am sitting nor am I in a tornado

Bulle shah kharha hai kaun Bulla Shah, who is this standing?
Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am? X 4


Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am? X 4

- Rabbi Shergill

I’m pretty obsessed about this song now. Sometimes I am just stuck with something.
This is the song of life, so soothing, so refreshing, so meaningful… if you’ve not heard it then what the hell are you doing on this earth? You may not like this song for the first 6-7 times, but then suddenly things will change. Fortunately I’ve a clip of this song saved in my cell.

Have you ever pondered that who you are and what is the meaning of life? I’m thinking after hearing this song, and the conclusion (so far) is not very enticing :-(
I’m not marketing for Rabbi Shergill and Phat Phish Records, but do take out some time because if you haven’t heard this song then you are seriously missing something. This is no exaggeration.

My favourites are always obscure, but this time I am not alone… and there are people who have heard this song and fallen into love at once. I’m one in the thousand.

March 27, 2005

College reopens

College reopens tomorrow. I 'm happy, I don't like vacations unless I have planned something exclusive full of fun and entertainment. So I had a hard time figuring out what to do( apart from academic works and sleeping). There are few reasons why I like working days more than vacations(I'm not workaholic by any chance!!)-

1. I'll get up at time. During vacations the most probable time for me to get up is 1000-1100. Though it is remarkably decent as compared to college standards but I don't like being a couch potato, like most of my friends.

2. The working schedule will keep me busy whole day, hence I'll be essentially away from comp. screen unless it is software lab. This is very important for my eyes.

3. I'll play football in the evening. During vacation most of the guys are home so sports ground is mournfully empty. I'm not an avid sportsman but that's the best way to get fresh air and ache your muscles.

4. I can manage the evening time more effectively on working days.

5. My dying Software Engg. project will get a subtle ray of hope when all groupmates will gather, and the project will get few more breath invariably.

6. Many more, I can't think of right now.

But working days are definitely more enjoyable than holidays. If you have 365 days of holiday an year, then will it serve any purpose?? It's the working days which give holidays their credit.

March 24, 2005

Tantalizing Power

Did you ever try to gatecrash in some building while the security guard was trying to stop you?I did, and not just once but a couple of times. Once it was at Reliance Webworld, Satellite Ahmedabad, I reached there with my friend at 1956 and Webworld closes at 2000. The guard was trying to convince me that time is almost over and we are packing up. I was raising the issue that still 3-4 minutes are remaining and I just need to get some information so why the hell are you killing this precious time? While my friend was busy arguing I was waving my hand to the staff(female!) inside, and I was glad she noticed it. But my smile was shortlived and she signalled me to go away showing clock reading 1959!!!Now this is power of power.

The security guard was right, the time was almost over and they must pack up right on time. I was right because I came there before closing time. Who was more right? Or does precision matters at all? This is a matter of analytical discussion but whatever it is, one thing is obvious. The one who is in power, will never leave a chance to show its significance. Don't blame the person in particular, this is human psychology. I think roughly 99.5 % ppl are suffering from PDS(Power Demonstration Syndrome) and ACS(Attention Craving Syndrome). I feel that I'm out of this so I'm left alone always being a victim. The conductor in bus, TTE in train, professor in college, monitor in class, clerk in office are just few instances of people having power and eventually PDS.

So what's the solution??? I have tried verbal and purely logical argumentation but that's of no use. I've not tried complaining to higher officials but I'm pretty sure it won't work. What do you do then? Its not necessary that I should put up a nice fool-proof methodology to deal with such hypocrites. If you have any feasible solution, I'm waiting eagerly...

March 17, 2005

Marching away

I hate March. Always in my life I lived March in a way that doesn't suit my interests. March is supposed to be a great month, ppl say that the weather is nice neither too hot nor too cold plus the major festival Holi makes it even more auspicious. Throughout my life so far, I felt that March had taken more than what it has given to me. March in school days meant annual exams!! So how does it matter if weather is nice, when I'm not at peace. I remember the boring gap of 5-6 days between two papers, and I was so uneasy waiting for it. March symbolized the termination of an academic year and anything which ends gives me a shiver. At the end of March I was generally busy recollecting my thoughts like what I did in this class, why i didn't get good marks, why I didn't ask this question, why I didn't talk to that girl etc. etc. Retrospections are generally disheartening, as one could always do more than what one has done.

I like months like February, April, December etc. December seems to have lot of enigma running with it. May, June, November are quite boring and not to forget March. There need not be rationale behind everything. Sometimes, just act on your hunches!

March 14, 2005

The war is over

Garry Kasparov will never play in any professional tournament. For last thirty years, he had been phenomenal in the world of chess. The invincible king Kasparov has left the battlefield, for finding something else in his life. What that 'something else' is, only he knows but we are free to speculate. Just the mere utterance of the word KASPAROV brings out some sensation in my mind, because being passionate about chess and anything related to it I have closely followed how Kasparov has changed the world of chess and why everyone bestowed his supremacy.

The endgame was sudden and stunning, not a typical Kasparov style where he slowly builds up a dynamic favourable situation, but it created a stir in the chessworld as usual. Kasparov said " I don't see any immediate goal in chess" and " It's hard to find determination" and few other statements which gives me an impression of what was going on in his mind. What was left in chess world that was out of reach for kasparov? There was absolutely nothing more to prove. I firmly believe that once you are on top of the pyramid and you know that you have reached here by merit and there is no one capable to dethrone you, you should make way for others. Kasparov did that rightly, though he was still challenged to some extent but he always managed to find his way. What is the point in sticking to the throne?We strive to win always and acquire as much as possible. The hunger for more n more is insatiable and those who attain contentment are simply great and Kasparov has the heart of a lion!!!

Kasparov was never my favourite chess player because I didn't like the fact that he remembered all possible openings and techniques and was trained right from his childhood days. I'm not saying that his game was bookish and unnatural, but I prefer someone like Bobby Fischer who came out from nowhere and accomplished everything on their own without any external support. Garry is presently writing a book "Greatest Predecessors" about the chess kings before him. He quoted this also as a reason of his retirement. Kasparov is considered to be the greatest chess player in history by many, some rank him even higher than the Almighty Bobby Fischer. Whatever it is, let it be there. Right now I can feel only one thing, we'll never see Kasparov making his moves again... all good things come to an end. This was a sudden clean finish, but memories are haunting. The only thing which matters now is that, the war is over and the king is gone but his kingdom was never invaded. Kasparov still rules!!!

March 11, 2005

Train to Mumbai

I am writing my first blog for the second time, because for the first time power went off before I could complete this. So finally I have landed in one more domain, and let me see for how long can I stay here.

I am going to Mumbai tonight( 9144 LokShakti Express, Ahmedabad-Mumbai dep 2105). Ya I'm obviously excited about the trip but it doesn't have any happy note. I am going to meet my father, admitted in Jaslok Hospital. He has been battling against brain cancer since last two years and everytime when he was forced to go down, he came out stronger. After his second brain tumour operation on March 5, he's feeling much better but it'll definitely take a long, long time to recover and there will be some irrepairable loss. He has always been unlucky in his life. I know that I am asking for too much, but I just wish that he stays for atleast five more years so that he can see me settled somewhere down the line, as far as my career is concerned. I don't stay tensed up for a long time, and right now what I can see is my journey tonight. I haven't yet got the confirmed berth, its RAC 12 a few minutes ago, but they generally add an extra 'boggy' so I'm hopeful. I just love travelling.I've done it mostly alone, but still it is pleasurable.

I've totally messed up my current sixth semester. Though I had genuine reasons, but I have missed so many classes and I'm lagging behind badly. There's nothing new in this but as I've to keep running between Ahmedabad and Mumbai for atleast a month, when will I get time to cover up? But still it is manageable, I think.