July 30, 2005

Placement Saga

Some people wait for this day since their first day in college, some are worried about, some simply wear dontcare attitude and some are fazed what to do. Come placements and college becomes the liveliest and most happening place. Everyone is getting ready, buying new formal clothes, wearing a tie for the first time, putting on neatly ironed shirts, getting hair cut short and above all wear a grave look on their faces which looks quite weird when compared with their natural wide stupid grin. Placement fever started and everyone was busy in making their CVs and I later learnt that you don't need to do much to make it look decent. It's just a clever way of factual representation. Placement actually kicked off a day before schedule, anyways here comes the generalized experience.

Day -1 July 17th

Mindtree, the most preferred company for DA-IICTians in general, gave its PPT and written test followed. They made it clear that they are gonna take separate tests for different streams. Results were out by midnight, and many people were disappointed as only 69 were shortlisted!!

PeopleSpeak(): CPI mattered!

Day 0 July 18th

TCS aptitude test was a cakewalk for everyone though TCS people spoilt their repo by behaving absolutely weird when they saw almost everyone getting through. Interview were highly disorganized with scheduled interview getting late by 4-5 hours! Some were interviewed for 55 minutes and then rejected because they were "overqualified" while some were interviewed for merely 2 minutes. The final selection was highly skewed.

PeopleSpeak(): A dog in our college was renamed as TCS.

Day 1 July 19th

Infosys turned up! It was forced to reduce its CPI requirements from 2.50 to 2.00 and to 1.90 finally! The test was quite good, but the invigilators! Just imagine, 8-9 invigilators in a room giving instructions every 7th second, even during test as if filling up the form was a mammoth task. Most guys were selected and the HR interview was just a talk. A whopping 75 were selected! TCS interviews still continued and it ate up precious time and space of college.

PeopleSpeak(): Infosys is God!!

Day 2 July 20th

HP gave its PPT but there test team was late so InterraIT got the first spot. The test was very easy, but company appeared to be dull. Best thing was that they were bang on time, each interview for 10 minutes or so and no unnecessary grilling. People got the taste of lady interviewer. HP exam was well-organized and of a respectable level. Except for an invigilator who kept shouting on mic "Don't chitchat! Don't chitchat!" continuously, everything else was tranquil. Nirma ppl also came so college was a crowded place. Interview was just a formality, and HP people were most jolly and ebullient. Very few were disappointed today.

PeopleSpeak(): Thanks to MindTree for taking the cream away, it was easy for us!

Day 3 July 21th

Here comes the mother of DA-IICT, Reliance Infocomm. Lots of hope and everyone was craving for that motherly affection, but Reliance lived upto expectations dodging everyone. Rejecting a lot in written test and then interviews were technically tough but then everyone was called for interviews irrespective of test result.To the repugnance of candidates, it delayed the results to monday- typical Reliance way! Overall, it was a huge disappointment.

PeopleSpeak(): No reliance on Reliance.

Still companies are pouring in, as placements are going on. College will reopen in first week of August, phew!! Finally, there will be a schedule to follow otherwise I just keep lazing around. OK this is the final call for all those who are willing to go to Indroda Nature Park, Aug 1, 1000 hrs. t h a n x

July 26, 2005


People, I really don't know what to write. So much has happened recently but I'm unable to pen down. I compose the first paragraph and then delete it, don't know why??Probably this is what they call writer's block, but don't worry, I WILL BOUNCE BACK!! These days I'm living in trance, trying to resume CAT preparation, thinking about future, getting lost in oblivion, reveries ,12 hrs sleep, dreams and many more.
And for Gandhinagar people, so far Praneet, Prasoon, Vivek, Bhavesh and myself have clinched the idea of going to Indroda Nature Park, can we have some more??Please respond in a day or two.
Why am I just a speck of dust?

July 8, 2005


It was way back in 1988 when I was mathematically 4 years old . I bought two white rabbits, Rs 300/- apiece. They were cute especially when they kept their long ears straight like horns. The biggest problem was faced by my mother because they used to shit anywhere in the house, but obviously it didn't bother me . I was busy making a living place for them.I took my TV's box and put some mud and plant leaves in it and the rabbit-house was ready. I was simply fascinated by those rabbits, they jumped higher than me. One morning I found their blooded dead bodies. Dogs ate them, I mourned and it was over. Behind my house there was a grazing field. I saw one black memna one day and it was love at first sight. The good thing about goats is that they shit out of the house. Well that memna was owned by some shepherd but he allowed the cuty memna to stay with me while others grazed every evening. With my new found fantasy, I used to collect vegetable remnants all day to feed him(or her, not sure). Weeks passed. One fine evening, the shepherd boy told me that memna is ill, two days later it died. Life went on.

My rabbits were pretty much like this, but not so fat.

A cute memna

Years passed, I was still one-digit old. I found a cow. Well there were many cows roaming around but they were rowdy but this one was retiring. So I befriended him/her and everyday at some fixed time it came to me. Animals are more punctual than we human beings. It felt great when that cow leaned infront of me so that I can touch its head. But then my father got transferred to a different place and(as an 8 year old boy) I could not even bid goodbye to that cow. Phew!!!!! I have always disliked dogs, simply because they dislike me. I've been haunted by dogs so many times, but luckily I escaped on each occasion. Once a dog even managed to grab my foot in its mouth, but I survived then also. Birds, I love them, Bird-watching, my hobby. There have been quite a few times when a bird came in my room and ruined its life by colliding with moving fan. I did whatever I could do, but life and death are beyond human control. When I was in class Xth(CBSE), there was a chapter in biology on birds. (Knowledge fact: Study of birds is known as ornithology.) There was an exercise for which I had to roam around and see all kinds of birds and make notes on them. During my summer vacation, I did that exercise with my colony friend Nitesh and I really enjoyed it.

Slowly and gradually as I grew old, I lost touch with animals. There are still animals around, just go out in Gandhinagar you'll find cows with really humungous horns which scares me badly. Obviously there are lots of dogs in college, but I hate them for reasons mentioned above. I change my way if I see a dog standing infront of me. I'm a nonvegetarian but that is another aspect, I still love animals. However if you feel bad about it, I'd clarify my stand if needed. Why is it that I've lost touch with animals? Partially because I'm busy with my daily routine and more because of lack of commitment.There is an Indroda Nature Park just 1 km away from DA-IICT and Deer Park may be 3 kms from DA-IICT. But none of my friends are willing to go there with me to enjoy the mystic flora and fauna. How many of them know about it?? It's not too late so if anyone is interested, leave a comment. Some of us may have attended the Animal Help Foundation seminars and rallies in Ahmedabad( because I see people wearing those T-shirts as their nightdress) but that does not bring us closer to animals. The most effortless way to interact with animals is to feel them around and just shower our love on them. Cat, Dogs(eww!),Squirrels(lots of cutiepies), various birds, chameleons, Peacock(its a privilege!!), monkeys etc. are some of the animals that we can see everyday in college. Ofcourse attending AHF seminars and rallies will help us, but natural interaction is more needed. Nature has been benevolent on us, I feel I should express my gratitude towards her.