July 26, 2005


People, I really don't know what to write. So much has happened recently but I'm unable to pen down. I compose the first paragraph and then delete it, don't know why??Probably this is what they call writer's block, but don't worry, I WILL BOUNCE BACK!! These days I'm living in trance, trying to resume CAT preparation, thinking about future, getting lost in oblivion, reveries ,12 hrs sleep, dreams and many more.
And for Gandhinagar people, so far Praneet, Prasoon, Vivek, Bhavesh and myself have clinched the idea of going to Indroda Nature Park, can we have some more??Please respond in a day or two.
Why am I just a speck of dust?


shikha said...

i wanna go to dat nature park...!!i wanna see more of your "species"...its rare na!!...you dont get to see "amod" everyday!!he he!
btw i m sure u ll find many of ur frens there....see then you will feel more comfortable with creatures of your "species"...

DaRaddishman said...

oh god, net slang! save us!

neat blog man, cool words strung together in cool ways. full on whiz for certs. don't let the mix, or the CAT's, get ya down, walk safe chummer.

Mirage said...

Hey all the best CAT! Where did u dispappear for so long?
Btw, a 'speck of dust' can be rather painful if it gets in the eye...!

Amiya said...

Yeah, that happens to me too. Sometimes when you have a LOT to say it can be harder to put it in words than if you didn't have much to blabber about.

And "12 hrs sleep"?! For someone who's preparing for CAT, that's too much sleeping!! Well, good luck brave person!

Jayant said...

well, i know what ur talkin abt! hell...i'm going through the 'block' myself!! its really very sad! but i'm finally close to completing another story for my blog. i won't post it on my original blog...i've made another one exclusively for stories.
and u'll get through this phase too, very soon. all the best!

TripleSix said...

"trance...livin in trance",thats what u r into,right...now its time for action...try listnin to some trance,and u'll see heaven!!!
all u have to do is get into its grip and get grabbed by its groove...ready to roll ur brain,pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!