February 19, 2006

IIM A Interview Experience

18th Feb 2006


GD: Case Study

I was the 5th person to be interviewed, it is toooo difficult to wait!
There were three interviewers, two young and one old. I didn't like any of them. :)

Interview Questions:

What are you doing these days??
Do you expect to passout and join us??
What is ICT??
What is Ranchi known for these days?
Dhoni Dhamaka?
Gave a graph, find the slope at various points!
Have you read algorithms?Networks?Data Structures?
What is a priority queue?
What is stack?
Difference between Queue and Stack?
Operations of Stack?
What will happen if I do pop operation on an empty stack?
Linked List??
Protocol of Internet??
Does it follow the OSI model?
Is internet session oriented?
Condition for maxima and minima
Integration by parts, write the formula
Integrate xe^x
What games do you play?
Apart from Anand, who is your fav player?
What do you know about algorithms of Deep blue?
Basic difference between thinking of human chess player and computer?
So you like risk taking abilities of Topalov?
Why don't you go for enterpreneurship, if you like risks?
Do you consider India a poor country?
Tell me five ways to remove poverty from india.
Is corruption prevalent everywhere?
GDP of India?
GDP of US?
How do you define poverty?
Why $1 per person per day? why not $2,3 or 5?

Crap Interview!! Took exactly 15 minutes, but felt like years!! I was totally exhausted after interview, slept like log.
Totally unconventional interview it was, no HR questions just acads acads and acads. Next is IIML@March 1.


shikha said...

Itna chota experience kyon likha....anyway , mujhe to sab thik thak laga...and now dont think much abt the interview...concentrate on IIM L useless!!
and i m sure u ll get thru ...dont worry..u rock!

Naresh said...

All The Best for the next!

Bcos u hvnt posted ur answers r wrtn abt ur performance, cant say how u did!
Anyway, it dsnt matter now... Ace all the GDs n PIs!!!

Harsha said...

yeh, i have convincing ansrwers for 20 of the questions asked. still i think i wouldn't have made in.

Ankur said...

Hi Amod!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have L and I interviews left. Would be keeping an eye on your blog to read the L experience.... ;)

Best of Luck!!

Vivek Pabari said...

interview over. Jaan chhhooti!! Only a few occasions in my life when I felt so much of pressure. Guess same must have been with you.

Sadly, other people's interviews always seem to be better than ours and on hindsight our own seems a screw-up. Hell with it. I enjoyed the process. I enjoyed that moment of glory when telling someone that you were going for an A interview brought a trace of respect in his/ her eyes.

And I loved the truest of the feelings with which the people in our institute and from outside, wished us good luck. I loved the faith they expressed in us . I liked the true pleasure on the face of our friends when they saw our happy faces. People in our institute really rock.

Anand said...

hey don't bother about these interviews....
just try to do your best..
my good wishes are always with you..
anand saurabh