November 2, 2006

It's been a while

Taking cue from Jayant, I tag myself!!With so many new things popping up around me, It's been a while since I have thought of writing something ...

When I look at stars.... I feel belittled.

Rains... fill me with joy.

Happiness... is getting atleast small instalments when you're hoping for a big one.

Books... say so much, yet so less.

Men/Women... form the milling crowd.

Love is... ought to be truest of all.

God... says looking for me??I am not!

Summer of '69... The best days are always due.

Pride... sucks, even if you're the best!

Life... has various shades. A shade up or down does matter..

Doesn't it?


Rahul said...

What is this self tagging ? :o

milo said...

self tag.. a dif 1.

cardamom said...

Hope the next few posts are about your IIM intrvw experiences!!..btw..tag done philosophically..:)

shikha said...

loser of highest order!!!why dint u tell me dat u changed ur blog template????i thought i m at wrong blog!!ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

"Happiness... is getting atleast small instalments when you're hoping for a big one."

Not alwayz though!

Phoenix said...


Anonymous said...

gr8 words of wisdom mate.. ekdum dil khush kar diya!

naresh said...

Thtz Vintage Amod 4 u... stumbld upon ur blog after looong, feels lk DA-IICT agn! :D

Amiya said...

Hey, now that was one abstract post. Or did I miss the small things? Your answers for happiness, God and Summer of '69 sounded like you wanted to say something more, but didn't coz you meant it to be implicit. Well I'm sorry I am thick, didn't get 'em!!

The one on Life - agree completely. It does, oh yeah it does.

shruti said...

One can play so much with words.u can express urself to the maximum in just a few words and sometimes u have so much to say that u fall short of words.ur post seemed like a mix of both:).