February 26, 2007



Mirage said...

Me did this too... isnt it the coolest thing! :D

Amiya said...

I had a feeling it would be this when you told me I 'inadvertently' helped make this post :)

Yeah what Mirage said, aint it the coolest quiz thing in a long time! :)

Freedom - so true. I chose a road for similar reasons. Make your own way, do your own thing.

I liked that Art thing you've chosen, was my second choice.

Music, again what you've chosen was my second choice.

Ditto for My Vice! :)

I'm surprised how EVERY guy I know who's taken this test chose the same 'excites me' wala option! Every single one, even the ones I didn't expect to choose that!! Hmm.

Your landscape looks a tiny bit like your dp here! The sun & mountains part.

Silver Mist said...

Okay, I didn't expect the Imagini quiz here when I read your *gleeful* scrap!
I did it too, loads of fun!! The pictures make taking another of these who-you-are kinda quizzes so much more enjoyable!!
Yay for Ami.. :D
NONE of my choices match yours.. Sad!
Ans as Ami said, weird how every guy we know marked the same "excites me" wala option!! Hmmmmm..

Amod said...

@Meg- Nah, The coolest thing is to sleep..lol! :)

@Ami- Well, You have made good choices :D. If that 'excites me' wala option is really exciting, then I can't help. All boys think alike, hmmm...

@Ish- *Glee* The glee was because I didn't have to put much effort for this.
NONE of my choices match yours.. Sad! How Weird you're!! lol! 'Excites me' wala option never ceases to excite people. That's funny!

TripleSix said...

tht's cool...

anyhow,how r u doin...

yeah..yeah,i'm back...and after a long time...i guess i need a good spanking for it...but wat if i tell u tht i just updated my blog,will i be excused??? lol

take care

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