September 30, 2007


How was my september? Anything worth to remember? Yes, in bits and pieces, but yes, nonetheless. I got rid of something which I shouldn't have ever accumulated at the first place.

The month started with a hopeful note. Few years back I had the beginning of a dream, but it was so far far away from ever becoming a reality that I couldn't dare to dream further. For a signifact part of this month, I chased it down, edged closer and closer but I still have some covering to do.The last day of the month was quite special. I met a very close schoolfriend after almost six years and ask me, was it fun? It was a blast! I wasn't quite in touch except few small, hasty yet conducive chats on yahoo messenger that was called for when one side was bored and the other busy. When you meet a old friend after many years, you discover so many new facets of changed lives. It almost felt like I was in a different world than them and suddenly the two worlds have united with their own characteristics intact. And yeah, I got the same old remark that goes like "Hey, you've not changed at all!" which is a mild way of putting "Hey, there's still no improvement in you. Why? I was expecting a bit, but that's fine, there's still time. Good luck!". :)

Hyderabadi Biryani never tasted so good!


Naresh said...

Hey... Ya, meetings after a long time are fun! When I meet one of our friends itself, I can feel the sparks flying so I can imagine how it must be when u meet somone after 6 yrs! Now tht u have asked, I have been thinking how my September had been, n god, is it embarassing?! :P

Silver Mist said...

Hmmmm, I wanna meet old friends too! Yes, it is a brilliant feeling, isn't it? *sigh*

Amiya said...

Really, the mark of an awesome friendship is the way you can pick up convos after 6 years - and love every bit of it - even if you haven't been all that regular keepin in touch.

Oh and now I wanna meet some faraway pals too! Right now right NOW. Ishani, pack your bags and fly here THIS minute.

And good luck pursuing 'the dream'. The struggles are usually worth the dream.

desh said...

i dunno much bout chasing dreams sir but ur encounter with ur pal was surely mast

i remember mine, with my frnd sometime in march, it was after abt 5 yrs, and we gulped 3 bottles of liquor in 2 days :)

but it always great to meet school frnds, especially in mycase, studied with most of them for 14 yrs :)

Mirage said...

Catching up with friends is always fun...! :)

At least someone had a good month!

Smartalec said...

Old friend?! Hmmmmm ;)
Yep! Chatting is no fun as compared to meeting up :) Sigh! How I wish we had a college reunion around the corner!
Chasing down a dream? Atta boy, Amod! I'm sure you'll do it... if you haven't already :)

~Amod~ said...

@Naresh- Oh I would love to read embarassing stuff, please write!! :D

@Ishani- Pack your bags and go and meet Ami!

@Amiya- Yeah, it was like we left the discussion yesterday only.. I've told Ishani to meet you :)

@Desh- Thanks Desi! 14 yr with same school pals? Then ideally you should be in touch with all of them!

@Mirage- Yup, I had one good month. Hope the next month is better for you. :)

@SM Alec- You know about the old friend :D and the dream shall be realized!