March 23, 2008

rainy weekend

It’s weekend and it’s raining, sounds as good as it should be except for frequent power-cuts. It has been like this for last 36 hours though it didn’t rain heavily. That’s something about hilly areas; it remains cloudy and sprinkles throughout. After a frenzied week at office, I was waiting for this weekend to sleep and think, and yes, I did that totally! Last night when it stopped raining for a while, I decided go out and see the city (hyd). It was in mess- waterlogged (my faithful bike bailed me out every time!), slippery roads and cars splashing mud water everywhere, expectedly. That made me ponder, which city in India is least affected by rains? Certainly not Mumbai, we all have heard of horrible stories about it! Is it Delhi? May be, may not be! Why do I worry about things that have no bearing on me?


asmita said...

you have an interesting style of writing and you seem to write with a flair on any topics under the sun. i particularly liked this one... the only one that i have read as of now.
keep it up...
good job

Amiya said...

Oh 'rainy weekend' sounds so good! Just the sound of it makes me imagine beautiful rains, me sitting in a room watching from my window. But yes, it can be a pain when you move away from the window and step outside... and no, Mumbai doesn't even qualify as a candidate for that!!
And I second Asmita :)

~Amod~ said...

@Asmita- Oh thanks! It gave me encouragement.

@Amiya- It's indeed great! You idle away while it rains outside, coffee and internet, bed and TV, sigh and more sigh. :-)