December 31, 2010


Dear Kerala,

Miss your weather, greenery, hills and the beaches and lot more. Make yourself happen once more.

Stay slanted,


Dear Blogger,

How many times I have promised you that you’ll get to see me more often? Thought translation in words is what I need.

Stay active,


Dear Facebook,

You’re a part of life that I don’t really need. Get some more entertaining apps next year, Okay?

Stay up,


Dear Mumbai,

Not your fault but let me stay away from you. We will meet on trips and tours.

Stay chaotic,


Dear Delhi,

Keep chucking IDD. You’re place to be, where I want to be. Translate few things to real plane.

Stay Glittering,


Dear BM,

Really enjoyed the late-night intense chats on society, politics and career. Of course, we can’t convince each other. J

Stay irreverent,


Dear IIMK,

What two years of pleasant peaceful stay you gave me! Plus lot of things to talk about, hope you get more sensible people to walk on you. :)

Stay rainy,


Dear Winters,

You’re back after a decade in my life. I liked your presence.

Stay frozen,


Dear Nights,

Why don’t you let me sleep?

Stay dark,

Dear Bike,

I wish certain other things were as faithful as you. Sorry for not putting oil when you needed it.

Stay speeding,


Dear K F,

Thanks for everything.

Stay chirpy.


Dear Samsung,

Make better phones. Better touch phones.

Stay ringing,


Dear Student Life,

You’re missed. I don’t know if this is the end of you. You rocked.

Stay in memories,


Dear Work life,

You’re good but you need to get better. Don’t stay forever.

Stay chilled,


Dear J G,

I trust you. Thanks for the good times.

Stay delighted,


Dear Idea,

Your network is missed often. Somehow you’re always associated with easier phase of life.

Stay connected,


Dear Diary,

Let’s be friends again.

See you everyday,


Dear Thoughts,

Stay streamlined. Stay random.Stay quixotic.



Dear Micro-finance,

Stop looting people in the name of philanthropy. Your bubble will burst soon.

Stay controlled,


Dear 2010,

Never come back. You pleased and displeased x2.




Prasoon said...


R said...

Interesting. From your list I strongly agree about Bombay. Thank god someone agrees.

The Indian Frog said...

Dear A (Just to stay in rhythm of your blog),

Really impressive! Short letters by Amod..

Stay Raw!!

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Gururaj said...

B-log D-log no-log.

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