June 2, 2005

And life goes on...

Yesteryear have gone by and life has changed. So much has happened, so much has transformed, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, happiness, sadness and all flavours, and life goes on. Come what may, life must go on.

I love blogging and for last one month I've been away, but life goes on.

There are people whom I've disliked for genuine reasons and I had to ask them for help... and life goes on.

There are trains by which I never wished to travel, and I had to... and life goes on.

I've studied some courses and learnt a lot, but could not reflect it on my marksheet... and life goes on.

There are people whom I loved, respected and satisfied and they die without giving me any chance to return all the favours that I was bestowed upon since the beginining of my time... and life goes on.

Someone important in my life is feeling pain and I am sitting by them helpless... and life goes on.

Someone gave me life and gives up life ...and life goes on.

It did not rain when I wished so ...and life goes on.

Someone stood by my side helping me a lot ...and life goes on.

Someone loves to talk to me and consider me as a true friend, I'm thankful to them ...and life goes on.

A giant wave of destruction chases people and kills them, drowns them, take them away ...and life goes on.

Power goes off before you could save your documents ...and life goes on.

An explosive revelation, mental agony, trauma, RECURRENCE and everything goes blank... and life goes on.

Nostalgia strikes, something missed, something gained, something to retrospect... and life goes on.

So many opportunities lost and still hopeful... and life goes on.

Someone is traumatized and life springs back to normal for them and it goes smooth ...and life goes on.

Planning to call up a old friend and catch up with all that happened since we lost contact ...and life goes on.
People offer help, sympathesize, offer help again, maintain a distance, restate their helpfulness, avoid and finally forget ...and life goes on.

Someone serves painstakingly with dedication and when the the job is over, they are asked to leave and they find a new job...and life goes on.

Someone throws a party and the evening becomes lively, thanks to them ...and life goes on.

Time passes ...and life goes on.

Plans fail without fail ...and life goes on.

But we are strong and accept whatever comes, because life must go on. Life does not go on forever, and your last breath may be the last one. This is the time.


shikha said...

hey cool...m d first person to comment!!!
v true....life goes on inspite o f anythin evthing dat happens...n hey after readin d blog...i kinda felt bad....dunno why....*sigh*...guess i hav nuthin to comment........
n hey u dint comment on my lov e blog??...

Vivek Pabari said...

Life goes on and on and on. And so we must live it, come what may!

Tough times come and these tough times are the ones that reveal the true nature of people around you. Everyone has tough times and good people invariably have tougher ones. But they are aptly rewarded for their goodness eventually.

Life does go on. But we are the ones who have to make it lively.

Amod said...

@wacko- when i wrote this blog I felt, any1 who read this will feel bad. y did i do it?
@viki- am trying..am trying.. life is like a rolling stone...

shikha said...

huh dint get u??*confused*..again!!

Enchantress said...

hey...marry n sit at home...and still life goes on... doesn't it!? Well...I said marry and sit at home 'coz both don't go that well with me at the moment...may be they'll make sense a li'l later in life! What say!??

Naresh said...

Life is all about carrying on despite regular setbacks, i believe! and during those tough times all v hv is gud frnz arnd us.

Smartalec said...

what a post.. what a post! TTY! another addition to the "things i envy" list:D! life sure is like a sine wave with it's share of ups and downs! and being able to cope up with these things properly is what counts! and u, dear sir, happen to excel at dealing with life really well! hats offto u!

Rahul said...

You think it's ad infinitum !! Partially true because when its over u r not here to say Life's not going on anymore.

...and life goes on :D

Bhavesh said...

Amod blogs and life goes on... :P

amod said...

@steve-well one correction, life is like a resultant of many sine waves of different freq. n amplitudes and even higher order harmonics
@Rahul- the point!!! life goes on...
@bhavesh-you comment, n life gos on...
@enchantress- keep enchanting us.