June 22, 2005

Longest day of the year

Yesterday was the longest day of the longest year of my life so far- 21st June. It was not just the length of the day which made it so long for me, there were other enterprises going on side by side. It was the counselling of the new batch in our college DA-IICT, and it was a reminder that I'm in fourth year now. Nostalgia strikes me often and I remember my counselling on June 24 2002, so much have changed since then like the landscape of college but few things are still the same like my weight. Counselling is supposed to be the day when youngsters see their college, the place where they're gonna spend four crucial years of their life. Parents look more worried than the students themselves which I aptly reconcile.

I myself counselled three families( which includes one family with 8-9 members). The first family(of 8-9 members) was from MP and they had three students to admit!! No idea how they managed to do so, but I had a strong urge to ask but I killed it. The second family was from the AP. The last one was from Rohtak, Haryana and the guy's father was in army and he was trying all his tricks. They all came to my room when I was about to leave and as I bid goodbye to one family other came in promptly and again... Probably it was their inflection and anxiety which forced them to ask stupefied thickheaded questions. I know parents were dazed so I tried to be generous and polite, but sometimes the puerility brought me back to my normal arrogancy. Some of the stupid nonsensical half-witted questions asked to me, my thoughts and my answers were:
A. How far is bathroom from your room?
Why??Are you in a hurry??
20 metres and turn left
B. Mention any three drawbacks of your college.
Why didn't you ask this during proper counselling? Bahut mazaa aata!
You'll figure out more than three very soon.
C. My son got admitted in XYZ coll, should he take admission here?
Why did you come here?for free food?
Anything is better than XYZ coll.
D. Why is there no provision for mosquito nets?
Is your blood too sweet??Come to my hometown, synonymous for mosquitoes.
They don't bite.
E. How many hours should one study here?
Does anyone?
5 hours atleast to stay in race
F. And most idiotic ques: How many hours do you study???
*SHOCKED* me??you mean, me??how does it concern you dickhead?
2 hours per day(big lie!)
G. How much percentage do you get?
*even more SHOCKED* your son wanna compete with me?
ummmm...ummm...we get grades which are not convertible in percentages(even bigger lie!)*turning my face to son* So, how much did you score in your 12th??
H. Do students play?
No, they sweep the sports complex.
Yes even when lectures are on.
I. How often do you go home?
Whenever mummy calls.
Whenever there are vacations.

So this way I concluded most of the discussion. The biggest problem was that labs were closed, and I had to live without internet for most of the time. Probably that's why this was the longest day! Time is passing so sluggishly- RI stuck, CAT prep on but crawling, Summer too hot, no good movies... that's why I'm having so long days. Anyone game for scrabble??


Smartalec said...

hehehe! talk abt annoying ppl!
but mate! u can't keep lying like that forever u know... abt ur hours of studying per day and ur grades etc:P!
i agree everything is moving at a snail's pace! very dull, that's what life has become! but i'm sure a lot of excitement is in store for us;)
and i'm game for a game of scrabble! d board is in my room still... so when u come, bring a couple of guys with ya

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Its been real long since I dropped by here. Just wondering what kind of counselling is this? Is this a kind of intro for freshers?
Hmm, try Sudoku- http://www.sudoku.com or http://www.sudokusan.com, its addictive!!

Lusus Naturae said...

Long time.....

Anyway..U din give'em proper counsellin...
a.The toilet's full of poop.
1. People here are GAY
2. Professors too.
3. Director too.
c.No NO...Kindly goto XYZ
d.Mosquitos hate the blood of drug-addicts
e.As long as you have a god dose of hash, u need not study.
f.No need, want a fag/Have a match?
g. It's around 100...
h.Yes, they play the most favourite sport of the world(Tell them or show them the condom ad)
i. When I pass in all the courses I am repeating

shikha said...

ha ha!!..
amod...they might be cousins or triplets..so keep ur wild imagination under cover! and yeah as if you never asked dumb questions!!..anyways...why did u call it ur longest day?it seems u had so much fun talkin to parents n students....btw it was v hilarious..:)

Moron said...

LOL!! man i too was bugged by these half-witted questions. one uncle even said beta ab hamari ladki ki jimmedari aap par hai .. i was like wtf uncle, get a life!! man these parents r too damn worried... hey we weren't like this when we came here, or were we??

shaan said...

lol ! be !! donn worry if u stay ne longer on campus there ll be no change in ur weight ;) ....

amod said...

@smartalec- surely!!will plan with sarath n bobli
@kroopa-thnx 4 coming back!yeah it was intro to freshers
@raj-thats ur answers be!how can i match ur talent??
@shikha-well i had fun for sure...it was longest day coz i was bored and also coz it was longest day(21st june), hehe!
@arpit-lol~!now be responsible!!you're answerable to girl's dad, no we weren't like that...i dont know what is happening to our younger genres.
@shaan-ya, same weight!i'm growing up anyway!

Naresh said...

lol be! i missd all such queries as i was home tht day! u shud hv gvn the answers u felt! i bet all those wud hv run away 4m da campus then n thr!

shrek said...

lovely time u ppl have ..conselling all those lost souls.. ohh!! how i envy you!!! (:P)

raj if u remember our days at msc you'll defi'ly understand.

Lusus Naturae said...

Ahhh!!!Yes, V r experienced campaigners having done this when we completed 12th once....with people literally surroudning us and asking the World's Most Idiotic Qs