March 5, 2006

IIM L Interview@New Delhi

So here I was, once again, in New Delhi. I love and hate this city simultaneously. Love it, simply because Delhi and everything related to it has a class of its own. In general, Delhi education, Delhi chicks, Delhi roads, Delhi culture and the feel of Delhi is just rocking! What I hate about Delhi is the people out there which includes autowalas, hawkers, cyber-cafe owners etc. who always try to cheat. These are all my personal experiences and I do not relate it to any Delhite in particular, so don't pounce on me :) There was lot of security in Delhi this time because of George Bush's visit. Fortunately, I was not caught in traffic jam due to the reason aforementioned. Well, the purpose of my visit was IIM Lucknow interview at IIFT.

Mar 1, 2006
1000 AM
IIFT, New Delhi

GD Topic: Income Tax creates more liars than showmanship (..kinda)
In my group there were two of my friends Riddhi and Diwesh, so some fraternizing was there :) GD was cool with people cooperating and even summarizing at the end.

I was 5th guy to be interviewed...A long wait once again. I just want to get rid of this number '5' from my life.

Some of the questions asked in PI:

Tell me something about yourself.
So the other guy is also from same place?
You good at number crunching?
Why acads bad?
How did you manage same marks in both X and XII?*laughing hysterically*
How does number crunching help in your course?
What is 'three thinkers'?Who were they?
So you took a course on philosophy?48 hrs a sem on philosophy?
What did you do in that course?
What is the meaning of 'tactile'?
Why a separate word like that?
How is it different from touch by emotions?
You have done a course on Business Finance, what were you taught?
What is balance sheet?
What are the components of balance sheet? Explain!
How is it different from profit and loss account?
What are expenditure and income?
If I buy a house for company, where will it appear in balance sheet?

Interview was cool, no serious grilling, but not soothing either. How on earth do you expect an engineer to know about the intricacies of balance sheet? Anyways, life's like that only, so no hard feelings.

After interview, I went off to meet some of the old stupid useless friends. Incidentally, I also met one of my blog friends -666 and we went for a coffee. It is always nice to meet new people especially girls. Thanks for the treat 666!

All in All, it was a decent trip. Have had loads of fun.


TripleSix said...

oh..there is no need for the gratitude...i was hpy to see someone from the blog world too..

shikha said...

ah!!...delhi rocks!...good u realised this fact ....and usually gaonwale likes delhi ...and i think delhites r very nice ppl..its just dat u bump into all wrong ppl at wrong time..!

shikha said...

ah!!...delhi rocks!...good u realised this fact ....and usually gaonwale likes delhi ...and i think delhites r very nice ppl..its just dat u bump into all wrong ppl at wrong time..!

Naresh said...

delhi for sure rocks man!!!
i hvnt had any bad xprncs, so luvd delhi all the more...

Bhavesh said...

i wud disagree, but dat is more due to my personal prejudice against delhi. :)
nyways, u shud also post da answers dat u gave in da in pi. waitin 4 da K post which ends ur CAT saga. thoda btp kar le.

shikha said...

@bhavesh.....why such a bias against sweet little delhi??...

Jayant said...

Oh my God, I had no idea you'd got GD/PI calls from these IIMs...Man, I really need to read your blog more often! Reading about your interviews was truly a revelation! But you were really lucky there was no 'serious' grilling involved. :)
Anyway, I gotta go right now, but it was great reading your blog once again. Keep in touch. :)

Ashu said...

Man must I say that it was you who invited the balance sheet questions by blurting out the finance course thing!
Ashutosh (Chess)

中島美嘉mika said...

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