March 16, 2006

Sanskrit, Cousins and IIM K interview

So here I was for my last interview of the season, IIMK! I stayed at my mausi's place in Kaushambi and had a great time with cousins.My younger sis was having her Xth board exams and her next paper was Sanskrit on 13th March so alongwith her I read little bit of Sanskrit remembering the good old class X days. Poor girl! She studied Sanskrit till 330 AM and was still cheerful about it. I enjoyed listening to her school stories. I really appreciate her attitude towards life- full of zeal, dreams and ambition, straightforward with no complications.Sanskrit was an ordeal for me then and I barely scraped through it in preboards. There was a general notion that Sanskrit is like mathematics and everything is based on formulas. I never felt so. Anyways, I slept just two hours before interview and here is the experience:

12 March, 2006
IIC Annexe, New Delhi
GD- An article was given: Sumantra Ghosh, a management guru presented at NASSCOM infront of various IT professionals. His slide contained only "Thankyou". He was thanking IT professionals for what they have given to country. Indians in foreign are proud and confident but an average Indian man in any city is not so.

11 ppl in GD! And to put it mildly it was chaotic!! Though I spoke but no one heard me, and my pen stopped working so I could not even take notes, thankfully no one was asked to summarize.
Two interviewers and me, I was the first person to be interviewed.

P:Tell me something about yourself.
A:intro, hobbies, technicals..
P:What kind of communications?
A:Signal transmission and communications..
P:What is Nyquist rate?
P:Minimum or maximum bandwidth?
A:*confused, took time* told
P:What is the sampling rate of audio?
P:What is the sampling rate of PCM??
A:64 khz
P:Are you sure?
A:not sure
P:So in Software Development, what do you know??
A:Told about languages *cut short*
P:Difference between C++ and JAVA?
A:JAVA is platform independent, many features are inbuilt
P:Why programmers prefer JAVA?
A:Repeated the last answer
P:Any other advantage?
A:Can't remember
A:*snatched the opportunity* yes JAVA doesn't have pointers, memory allocation fundas
P:How should we evaluate your performance in GD??You hardly spoke??
A:You might consider me as a docile person who gives due respect to others say
P:SO you would have performed better had the group been a little peaceful?
A:Yes, but the discussion was fruitful, points were raised and we were able to address to the problem
P:You have done well in school but how do you rate your performance in graduation??
A:Not up to the mark, could have done better
P:So what was the reason?It is not expected that you get all As but it could have been better?A:told about various reasons..
P:I can see that you repeated one course?
A:That was because I submitted the assignment after my internship and college's SRS has no such provision
P:Did you inform your college authorities because it's a permanent thing?
A:Yes, we've told them and they're changing it...
P:I can see a lot of chess certificates, tell me who is the world chess champion
A:Told that two international chess authorities PCA and FIDE are running in parallel, so there're two champs- Vladimir Kramnik and Vaselin Topalov
P:Who is you all time favourie chess player?
A:Bobby Fischer
P:Why?Tell me about his matches
A:Talked about his style, visualization and famous matches...
P:What is ELO rating?
A:Explained the formula..
P:Why is named so?
A:After the person who made it...
P:Why 10^something?
A:*dumbfounded* Sir it could be anything 8^something 9^ something..*whatta stupid answer*
P:Has it got something to be with common logarithms?
A:*jumped* yes it is because so and so...
P:OK Amod, you live in Gandhinagar, tell me something about Gandhiji
A:Told..about freedom truggle and how he differed from extremists
P:What's his autobiography's name?
A:my experiments with truth
P:So how was Gandhi's methodology different??
A:appeal to common mass, moves like satyagraha and dandi march
P:What qualities of Gandhiji do you possess?
A:*stumped* non-violence blah
P:Oh yeah, you told me you are docile *laughing*, that we saw in GD *laughing*
P:You want to be a public figure??*hehe* how?
A:some arbit gyan..pure philosophy..
P:So what all have you learnt in mathematics?
A:I have done courses on calculus, matrices, discrete maths, probability, stats etc.
P:Matrices hmmm.. what is eigen value?
A:I forgot, but i will take a guess, told something *completely wrong*
P:What is transpose?
P:What is diagonal matrix?
P:Repeat it
P:Does elements of a diagonal matrix have to be equal necessarily?
A:not necessary
A:yeah, sure
OK, Thankyou, Best of luck!
It was a simple feel good kinda interview. I came back and spent fun-filled evening with my cousins - shopping, eating out, driving etc. I really wanted to go back to home from there but considering the fact that India is a highly populous country, getting ticket of any sort was impossible. Now I feel like reviving my B Tech Project out of shambles and with just two months left in college I also need to preserve things for nostalgia.


Naresh said...

Now tht v r all almost free 4m GDs, I guess nostalgia n btp r loomin large... I am flng terribly nostalgic evry damn day! Suggest sth na, whr v all can participate n mk these 2 months good... Lets do sth man!

shikha said...

arree..i think it was a pretty good interview...why were u cribbing at the end of it...???

u presented urself well...n u answered most of d now keep ur fingers crossed n evthin ll turn out to be for good...

@naresh.....why dont ya guys organise chain parties...keep a notice board esp for u guys..where anyone can post stuff abt loads of games , organise stuff like treasure hunt , hide n seek in ur college ...spend sm quality time wid frens in coll..!!

Anand said...

hope for the best for the results..

i don't know why but i always enjoy reading anything you wrote.
perhaps because you write it in very simple way.keep it on..

There was a general notion that Sanskrit is like mathematics and everything is based on formulas. I never felt so.
-it is almost true , the only difference is in sanskrit you have to memorise a lot and number of formulaes are 100 times more than what we have in maths..

what else ..
i think shikha has susggested really nice methods to overcome nostalgic moods...

ravishing nymph said...

seems to me like he was taking a kick at you ... lol

Mirage said...

Yikes! Was tht an interview or an interrogation before they throw u in some cramped up cell!!

Hehe...I suppose u answered rather confidently, so not much to worry abt! All the best anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

u have done a great work....