August 31, 2007

My blog has become a dlog(deadlog). I haven't posted anything in last three months. The misery is graphically shown below.

As one would make out from this graph, I started blogging quite enthusiastically but it dried down later. The graph needs to plunge upwards in coming days.

For the time being, I'm posting some pics of Ooty and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. I went there last to last weekend and the whole experience was fabulous.

The cottage where we stayed!

The whole album can be found here: Ootacamund


Rajeev said...

no doubt they are some of the best hill stations in India! :)

peace & love

Amiya said...

LMAO, you graphed your blog stats!! :-) Haha!!

Great pics! You know I've seen them already and you know which ones I love the best... the 3rd pic here, LOVE it.

Cool trip ya. Sigh, I wanna go too :(

~Amod~ said...

@Jeevy- Yeah! They're awesome. If you're looking for real hill stations, there is no place better than the lap of Himalayas!!!!!!

@Yami- Well, our choices match!! For the 3rd pic, my friends were making fun of me and I told them that only real connoisseur can feel it. I graphed my blog stats to teach myself a lesson and I'm up for another trip soon, if that happens, I will post more beautiful pics.
Why don't you go to Jim Corbett Park? Or have you already been there?

Silver Mist said...

Oh My God!
You made a graph! :D
Mine would probably be negative :D :D

And awesome pictures! Wow, breathtaking. 2nd one is my fav!

Mirage said...

Oh my god....this is soooo beautiful!