October 22, 2007


[October 19th, 3:30 PM]
The blaring fire hooter soon became intolerable. The sloths in various cubicles got up rubbing their eyes and asking each other incuriously,

"Hey, what happened, fire?"
"Some other floor should be in flames!"
"I can't see any smoke!"
"We shall wait."
"Aaah, I don't wanna go down the stairs."
"It must be the fire drill. Let's wait!"
"Someone could be smoking near the smoke detector."

When a few energetic souls rushed down to stairs, others too dragged themselves down to the earth, hoping to see atleast some floor in flames so that their momentous effort is not in vain. As we reached down, we were surprised to see the big crowd already present there. It was easy to feel the excitement and palpitation. No one was having a clue to whatever that happened, but everyone was looking at the big building from different sides and angles searching for flames or smoke! I guess people were striving to be the "first person" to spot the fire so that they can shout in the middle. Minutes passed, everyone was restless as there wasn't any fire and the building had the same platitudinous aura in the afternoon sunshine. A while after,the bomb was dropped!! After some coaxing,the stern-faced security guy announced "There's a bomb somewhere in the building!". Now, I truly feel he shouldn't have said somewhere. Again a round of speculations,

"Bomb. Who put it?"
"What kinda bomb?"
"It's in sixth floor. The security guy told me."
"It may be in the parking area, 1st floor?"
"If the still girders melt, the whole building will collapse."

And to top it all,
"Can it be a human bomb?".

I just love people! They can be so "un-funnily" creative at times that you got to salute them! Everyone was smiling and speculating, it was like a festival. Soon police vehicles arrived, and now everyone thought it's not a prank (or who knows, a high-level prank!). Security guys had a tough time moving people away from the building, they all wanted to see it explode I guess. People had mobile phones in their hand in Video mode hoping to shoot a video of the bursting building( and sell it at high price to Aajtak, NDTV et al!). It took 3 hours to search the building. The excitement soon died down and everyone was tired due to standing in sun. Some were sitting in lawn, some roaming around the pathway and so on.Personally, I was more worried that if it really explodes then all will run at once and there may be a stampede!(They won't stand and shoot the video for sure!) The boredom got better of me and I decided to move away to a friend's house nearby. As it turned out to be, there wasn't any bomb. It was just a hoax! We resumed to our work merrily.

Who would like to bomb bored working souls?


shikha said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

seriously!!who told dem about bomb??and why on earth they believed that person??

vaise it was hilarious...

buwahahaha!!i m missing my job..!!mujhe bhi aisa fun types incident experience karna hain!!!

Silver Mist said...

Wow! A bomb hoax, right there in your building.
But what evil people to have woken you up!
Glad you're safe.. :D

~Amod~ said...

@Shikha- The news was received by intelligence agencies. Police knew it before our own security. :D Similar evacuations have been done in IBM and ICICI.

@Ishani- lol, I wasn't taking a nap.

Amiya said...

Lmao, I love your last line!! Made me laugh right out :D

But wow, you endured a bomb hoax. Something to tell the grandkids han! :) I'm sure if something similar happens to me, I'll make sure I run while there's still some time to go for the stampede... cuz once the stampede starts I'm definitely getting tossed around and trampled upon :-/ Sigh.

Naresh said...

ha ha ha ha ha.... Amazing... :P All thru the post even I was thinkin who wud want to bomb ur office?! :P n in the end when i read the last line, went rofl! :P

Jadis said...

We had something similar in our university. Only it wasn't a hoax. It was a REAL bomb.
Thanx for the visit. Am linking you up from my blog.

Mirage said...

Hehe! Paranoia gets the better of us!