October 13, 2007

Qualcomm Interview Experience

I remember frantically searching for job interview experiences on net when I had to go through one. I became lazy, once I got the job and forgot that I should post to help out others. Here’s my interview experience at Qualcomm, Hyderabad for the job of DSP Engineer.

// Posted on March 23, 2008 in backdate.

The process: There will be one/two round(s) of telephonic interviews to select candidates for onsite interview. There will 6-7 onsite interviews generally on the same day, of which typically 5 are technical and remaining on HR and career aspirations.

Qualcomm Interview

October 12, 2007

Hyderabad, India

Round-I: KG, Manager

Duration: 45 mins


Tell me about yourself.

Where are you working?

What are your job responsibilities?

Long discussion with various questions on job, questions on clearcase etc.

Why do you want to change your job?

What are your technical skills?

You don’t like to do Build & Release?

How good are you at C and C++? What do you prefer?

What is object oriented programming?

What is encapsulation & polymorphism? Examples.

What kinds of variables are found in C?

Explain static & extern with the help of an example.

What is difference between static and global?

Showed a code segment and asked various static/global variable related questions, compiler level questions.

Round-II: SK, Manager

Duration: 25 mins


What are you working at presently?

Why do you want to change your job?

Questions and contradictions followed

You’ve mentioned in your CV about JTAG emulators. Explain.

What tools do you use in your job? Explain them!

What scripting languages you know? Explain with examples.

Describe your job responsibilities.

Discussion on various aspects, discussion on this job that I applied for

Round-III: KK, Senior Enginner & SSV, Lead Engineer

Duration: 70-75 mins


What are you working at presently? What tools do you use?

Discussion on Linux commands and clearcase fundas and platforms( Unix/Windows)

What CM tools do you know?

What are your job responsibilities?

What are the steps involved in compiling a program?

How are objects files (.o) used during compiling?

Explain assembling, linking etc. from compiler’s point of view.

Do you remember your B.Tech courses?

What is static and dynamic process?

Explain about processes. What are threads? How many types of processes? How process transition takes place?

Explain about memory allocation. Explain Physical and Logical addresses.

My computer has a word of 2^16 but at once only 2^10 can be read. How will it be written in memory?

You’ve mentioned about scripting. What do you know? Which scripts?

Write a script for [Scenario].

Explain the logic.

What other logics can be used? Can you optimize your script?

Write a script for [Scenario].

Optimize this script.

Write a script for [yet another scenario].

What is your experience in Perl and Shell?

What are make-files? Write a make-file for .

Round of questions on make-file, questions on rules, target, prerequisite and directives, build-avoidance etc

What do you know in DSP?

Explain your B.Tech. Project (OFDM)

Long discussion on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and various aspects of implementation.

What is IFFT? Why is it used in OFDM? How are orthogonal signals generated? Show us on paper.

What is encoding? What is interleaving? Give examples. Show us on paper.

What are error-correcting codes? Explain and give examples.

What is Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM)? Why is it used?

How is a QAM signal generated?

What is the phase difference? What is constellation diagram? Draw constellation diagram for 16-QAM.

How is the shape of constellation diagram decided? What are its implications?

Draw some constellation diagrams and explain. What are the phases in a 4-point QAM? Why not 0 phase?

What is hamming distance? Minimum hamming distance?

You know MATLAB? Tell something. What have you done on MATLAB?

You know CCS? What have you done on that?

What assembly language do you know?

Discussion on job I applied for..

Round-IV: SB, Manager & SG, Lead Engineer

Duration: 45 mins

It was mostly on my present job, work responsibilities and challenges. I was asked to give various examples and how I would respond in various hypothetical scenarios.

Various questions on Linux commands and scripts

What is your biggest contribution so far?

You’ve worked and seem to be good at Linux but how would you adjust to windows development environment here?

Round-V: AB, Lead Engineer

Duration: 40 mins


What do you do?

Explain make-files.

What can you do with make-files?

How is assembly language different from normal programming languages?

Write an assembly code to compute factorial of a no.

Optimize it.

Can you further optimize it? Make assumptions.

Discussion on my would-be job responsibilities here, if I’m selected

Round-VI: VK, HR/Staffing Specialist

Duration: 20 mins

Round-VII: DB, Director

Duration: 20 mins

Discussion on job, relocation, career aspirations etc.


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Thanks a million for sharing the questions. I am due for interview for a system's level board design and though your questions are not of direct relevance to me, it is by far the most complete list I have thus far found online.

Awesome work and the information would have already served thousands.

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I was searching for this information all over the net and found here its really informative.I guess similar kind of questions would have been asked in telephonic round .can you please sum up those questions too.


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Great job,
but are they standard questions irrespective of location of interview.

Does these things change for UK USA or other R&D center ?... Guyz please post

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thank you for sharing! but it seems u have had some job experience prior to applying for qualcomm. can u please share your thoughts regarding jobs for freshers. How would be the selection process for a fresher?

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