September 14, 2008

Another Night

It is just one of the innumerable night-outs that I have done after coming to K.Most of them were by choice owing to my weird sleeping schedule but the present ones are forced. I have been sleeping in two shifts- one after lectures and another from 6AM to 8:30AM types. This time I'm awake due to the impending final exams and the mammoth untouched syllabus which is springing surprises every time I walk through it. The biggest difficulty is the waves of sleep that sweep me off my feet to the spongy cushion. Let this week pass by as soon as possible though blogging won't help much to my cause this time. I don't remember ever being so keen about (going to Bangalore and) meeting family after the exams are over. I've met great people after coming here and I can say that I'm happy with the people I hang around with everyday. The weirdness quotient which persists in all of my relationships ,either due to me or them has been pretty abysmal. There is nothing much I can say about the surroundings, they're too good to believe.

I love my room[F51]. The pic shows the view from my balcony which is not exactly the much coveted valley view but still tranquil and appeasing. It is on 2nd floor hence quieter, much to my delight. It takes me 101 stairs(up and down both) to reach canteen. For this gargantuan effort, a cuppa is not going to balance the calories and so I've been stocking chips, biscuits and kerala halwa in my room. It has been quite a challenge to keep the ants away and they've been winning hands down so far.I've learned to operate a washing machine which is one of my major learning after coming here. Anyways, 20th evening and I'll be off in a bus to Bangalore with other friends here. I'm looking forward to the Delhi trip this term-break. Unfortunately, New Delhi was rocked by serial blasts today. We've been living with it for ages paying price for the historical blunders. It will be better soon. Rains have started and I'll probably be off to sleep now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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