November 1, 2008

Changes and Celebrations

There is definitely some positive relation between my writing blogs and exams being round the corner. Whatever it is, I have felt quite suffocated lately (and it has nothing to do with exams) and writing something will be relieving to an extent. Some of the recent developments might have long-term effects on my life and being optimistic, I feel it’s all gonna be good. Talking about the developments that have happened this trimester, I have moved from first bench to last bench (rotation policy). It’s a relief to stay away from the prying eyes of a professor standing at an arm’s distance. However, it considerably increases the probability of being randomly picked to answer a baffling question or a question like “Can you tell me what am I talking about?” to test the concentration level of historically notorious back benchers. Nevertheless, I feel more comfortable.

There are few things pending which I got to do as soon as I’m free to go out for a day - Buy a table lamp, get the jeans stitched, get a decent haircut, buy good cheap speakers from gulf market, bank related work etc. I think I’ll go just after exams, that’s normally the first thing that people do on a free day- going to city. Despite Calicut being a relatively small dot on Malabar Coast, the markets for shopping are reasonably good. Even though Diwali is not a big festival here, I was able to find all stuff that was needed for a traditional diwali pooja and decoration. Diwali celebrations at F hostel was indeed a great fun.


desh said...

hope u r havin a grt time thr amod...


Kolya Manus said...

I feel the same... Writing on the blog increases during exam times... :)