April 3, 2006

Feelings, Emotions and What not!

It is expected that by the time a boy turns 22 he is matured enough and well-versed with the intricate complicacies of the system. This great expectation might disappoint you if consider me, since I'm turning 22 tomorrow :) . While this is purely subjective, more important is how does one plan to go further on his path? If you ask me {which you haven't :) but what the heck? this is my blog afterall :D}, it solely depends on one's personal discretion and ambitions. Every individual will do what suits best for him. I and my friends in DA-IICT are on the verge of completion of college life, don't know who will take which path and even the common string(read DA-IICT) has moulded individual personalities in different ways. For me, it wasn't as good as it could have been, but surely it was an enriching experience.

First thing, I grew up as a person. Now this is pretty obvious as when I came here I was 18 and now I'm 22 but alongwith physical growth it is the mental growth which matters more. As an almost-22 year old guy, I'm able to take decisions independently now. My mind is flooded with feelings, emotions and what not! I remember loads of stuff, maybe I'll write it in details in my next blog. Since we're parting our ways and not getting ample time to interact due to BTP, we've to think of something which will help us to interact forever. Can we make a website(like Orkut) where all members of class of 2006 have their homepages? And the activities on that site may include:
Writing testimonials
Updating information about one's whereabouts
Comments Section- Everyone saying good or bad stuff about others
Dinner-table gossips and hostel stories- A section for that
Talk about canteen- various caterers, awesome food, late night snacks etc.
Talk about Sports Complex- TT, Badminton, Football ground etc.
Hostel- Section for each hostel wing
Professors- A section for them
Courses- A section for courses- faves and hates
TAs- A section for TAs
Pics and Videos- Uploading College pics, videos and MMSes
Personal Talks -section where you can reveal crushes, sort out disputes and say things which you always wanted to say
Life after DA-IICT- Aren't you nostalgic?
Make new friends within 2006 batch which you couldn't do during 4 years
Sports Section- Section for various sports
Resource Centre memories
Gandhinagar-The uninhabited vicinity around DA-IICT
Galla Stories- For the uninitiated, its the dhabas just outside college where people talk while taking puffs
Smokers' Club
Drinkers' Club- Watchout for cops, Land of Gandhi afterall
Hang-out Places in G'nagar or A'bad where we had fun- FR, City Pulse, R-World etc.
Girls!!- Can the website be complete without this?
Girls only section- must be atleast viewable by everyone
Semesters 1-8 section
Sector 7 and 8 (where we stayed during 1st sem,for the uninitiated)
CAT and GRE prep days
Placement fever
Entra Talk- Telugu Stuff which we cant understand :)
Daddu's Shop!
Computer Gaming- Isn't DA-IICT a lot about this?
SPI and CPI talks
Rural Internship- Those were the best days..
Industrial Internship
Research Internship
Reunion- Plans, City meetings etc.

and I'll add more as I remember.

Just imagine! Something like www.da-iict2006.com , where you log in and feel like being back in college!
So what do we need for this??100 GB to start with? How much does it cost? Even a forum( strictly moderated)will serve our purpose, as we have to talk only! If you fellow DA-IICTians clinch this idea then we can go about this. Do let me know asap!

PS- On April Fools Day, I made someone a big fool! The guy was totally shaken up and since he got angry after knowing the reality so I am not putting his name here. For those who love to solve riddles, he is a "happy frog".


nitesh said...

waiting for your detailed post

some one proposed the idea of year book but nothing was done so u understand the difficulty

and happy birthday in advance bumps tonight

Prasoon said...

turr turrr...
neone on dc++ would've heard that nemo's joke once :) n so, its not impossible to know who the happy frog is..
don't write out his name but do write in the detail na..

n ya, the year book - twas jain's idea n u very well know how it'd move - it was just another marketing gimmick as i'd call it.. keep lookin n push barve/tholia for i n u may have it by May then !!

I Am Sam said...

well, happy birthday dear.. well, everybody knows happy-frog :P, but keenly interested in prank u played with him...

Allen said...

Hey nice blog. Came across it from Amiya's. All the best for your MBA :-)

Smartalec said...

Boy o boy! Neat idea! But damn, it's gonna take up lotsa space!! What;s up with the forum you were working on??
And truly speaking, that prank was quite pathetic! There's a limit to everything. But then, it's you and that's that!
All the best for the results:)

ravishing nymph said...

dats an oarsome idea!! ... but it will be a lot of work keeping the website up.. but if a few guys chip in .. im sure that would be a fun place ... hmm