April 11, 2006

Number Seven

I've been bugging Steve for SEVEN long semesters now :D thanks to him for this tag.I'll write down 7 things about myself now, sounds easy but I know I'm going to have a tough time. My roll no. was 7 in class V :) Other than this I don't find many seven numbered things in my life. 7 looks cute especially when it is not cut at the middle. Before I transcend to higher levels of intellect, let me come to point straight away!

7 things I want to do before I die

  • Lead my team to victory single-handedly in any game
  • Teach kids somewhere-school/college/privately
  • Get some norm in Chess
  • Enjoy life with lot of sex, music and tourism
  • Donate money for Brain Tumour Research
  • Develop a secret international network for some cause
  • Write my autobiography

7 things I can do

  • Stay quiet for years living in my dreamworld
  • Drink lots of coffee and cold-drinks!
  • Show flashes of brilliance amidst mediocrity
  • Make eye-relations with people
  • Remember almost anything to everything
  • Surf net aimlessly
  • Not care for my clothes or looks at all

7 things I can't do

  • Walk without bending
  • Do something against my wish
  • Use foul language
  • Make someone feel bad intentionally
  • Strike a proper conversation when I wish to
  • Drive slowly
  • Hide my true feelings

7 things I say the most

  • Chalo yaar
  • Useless ( thanks to Shikha)
  • Kya baat hai!
  • Sahi hai!
  • Shit!
  • Chalega!
  • Like

7 Celebrity crushes

  • Andrea Corr- Angelic face, sweet voice, perfect hour-glass figure, what else?
  • Kate Winslet- She looked awesome in Titanic!
  • Bipasha Basu- Black Beauty :)
  • Catherine Zeta Jones- Simply beautiful!
  • Greta Garbo- I love Enigma!
  • Divya Bharti- If she were alive, she would have been at the top!
  • Vida Guerra- Let's not get into this :p, do google search if you want more!

7 things that attract me to opposite sex

  • Long hairs kept loose ( Girls with short grass-like hair are immediately disqualified ;) )
  • Jolly, Talkative Nature
  • Open, Frank and not fussy at all
  • Good Vital Stats
  • Thinker
  • Technology savvy
  • Having a view point

7 people I wanna tag

  • Triple Six( It's been a long time since you've been tagged)
  • Amiya ( Where're your blogging gloves? It's been a while!)
  • Ishani( Same goes to you)
  • Jayant( Same goes to you too!)
  • Bhavesh( Complete within one year, just kidding)
  • Anand
  • Isha



daiictian said...

Someone's ID in our college is 7 :D

Few things you say: "chup reh" , "naaeece"

Just as your playlist, your celebrity list is greek to me! :)

Naresh said...

u shud hv wrtn abt stickin 2 da walls too...

Smartalec said...

looks like i got everyone's blogs moving:P!

Teach kids somewhere-school/college/privately
omg! knew u had this desire, but never imagined u'd announce it in public:P!

right on! u're sure to become a GM if u pursue chess a bit seriously...

Develop a secret international network for some cause
now what cause cud that be:D?!

it takes u years to write a bloody testimonial, forget abt an autobiography!!

u never drive slowly... but i've surpassed u when it comes to the highest speed recorded on the speedometer:P!

great list of celebrity crushes! u sure u didnt miss out on the child prodigy;)?!

all in all, a great post!! be prepared for the next tag...

Amod said...

@daiictian- you have a seven lettered name, right??hu else? :D
@naresh- yup! but wanted to add something new..
@Steve-Thats all because of that stupid goat!Tag, again?Looking forward... :)

Vivek Pabari said...
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Vivek Pabari said...

that daiictian commentere was me! Dunno why the comment didn't appear in my name!!

Ad yes, ID 7 has a 7 lettered name.

Amod said...

@vivek- its not about ID 7 :D I had mistaken u for Bhavesh!

Smartalec said...
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I Am Sam said...

wanna divya bharti in my list too, but alas.. waisey seeing lots ppl having crush on ID no. 7 .. ur case same to be realistic..and uff vida Guerra , it was an embarassment for me to search her in LAB..omg me neighbour left her seat.. oh! no

ravishing nymph said...

amod doesnt talk to me anymore.. im hurt.. i m breaking .. like a broken glass.. aaaaghhh... sniff sniff* ... takes hanky from nippster and wipes eyes.. sniff sniff.. aaaaagh..

nitesh said...

very noble idea GM amod to develop a secret international network :D
u surely have a good chance of leading ur team to victory in chess
u have more right on id no-7 then any other else in the college, u should have included 7 things i liked about id no-7
Teach kids privately and Enjoy life with lot of sex reminds me of Mrs sanders and her students

Amiya said...

Hah!! Lucky me... I've made this kinda post already, so that takes me off this tag-list. Yay!! Doesn't it, I mean.... wait, it does, doesn't it??

Develop a secret international network for some cause
YES! Same goes for me. Some cause. *What' exactly... doesn't matter. It just has to be secret.

Enjoy life with lot of sex, music and tourism
Sounds like Bangkok :D

Remember almost anything to everything
Woah! I'm jealous. I so need this ability for my next exam (Money). Damn.

Nice post!!

Silver Mist said...

hey! great post... i responded too! go see that!

i liked it!! :D
( can't think of anything better to say. all my creativity was used up in writing my post. now i need a month to recuperate)

zep said...

hey ..evn i dint knw tat u blog n tat too so extensively..

waise good itinerary boss...7 things to do in life..:)..:)

Maverick said...

nice obs pabari..ID 007 has a 7-letter name..koolah!!n it fits the mousie description..:)

shikha said...


who ll read ur autobiography???....

n puhleeze...u can always hide ur true feelings..

only useless...thapad n chapair nahin sikha???...uff!!...sab sikhaya hua waste gaya....tumhari trainin fir se start...

long hairs...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

milo said...

well these tags... gosh this 1 ws real long...
neways pls control upon cold drinks n cofee n update yaar.......