May 21, 2006

At Home

Sorry people for not updating my blog when I had unlimited net connection and now I'm in cyber cafe paying for every frigging minute...

News Flash:-

  • 12 May- BTech Project Presentation! Engineering Over! 12 May is the day when I gave entrance examination of DA-IICT. This has been an exactly four year long pleasant journey! :)
  • No more a STUDENT :(
  • Right now at home without net connection :(
  • Going for a trip to Himachal with friends in June :)
  • Will be joining HP @ Bangalore, my first job!! :)

This is for now. I'm writing blogs and saving on my laptop these days and I'll publish when I get free net :D


have fun!


Naresh said...

Hey there pal!

All The Best for everything!

Miss you all a lot man! :(

Keep touch!

Krishna Prasad said...

Hello Amod

Add this to your list! Thanks

Bhavesh said...

time to publish yaar!

Rahul said...

Yeppo. Keep your promises :D