May 21, 2008



Dusty streets of Madhapur|My home with 3-side balcony|Parties@ Café Latte | Flashy Biking at Jubilee hills, road no. 36 and Banjara hills|Traffic Police haunting|Frequent trips to McDonalds at City centre (often with Nitesh)|Get-togethers at IIIT|The Ayyappa society road for daily shopping|Parathas@ Rajasthan Food House|Cousin’s trip|Trips to Bangalore for interviews|MMTS, Hitech City Railway station|CL Ameerpet and Workshop at Ragala resorts|Riding back to home for lunch|Winding streets|Pearl shops|Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani|A moment that changed equations|Late night talks on phone|A wonderful experience to remember|Naveen's Village|New year's get together at JD's room|...


Smartalec said...

lovely! got me nostalgic :)
damn if i post something similar, don't know how big the post would be :O
I hate nostalgia... :((

Bhavesh said...

haan steve sahi bol raha hai.. itni saari ladkiyan hain ki unke naamon ki list se hi blog lamba ho jaayega..

amod, tu "juice" bhool gaya..

~Amod~ said...

@Steve- Yeah, go ahead and do it! You'll feel some weight off your chest.

@Bhavesh- What a surprise! I seriously wanted to mention "juice" but I don't wanna take any risk.