May 28, 2008


From facebook minifeed,

Amod joined the group I Stay Up Late and I Don't Do Anything Productive.


Doesn't it say it all?! It all started in class XIth, when I stayed up late to study for engineering entrance examinations. College was the place where this insomnia blossomed and remained so ever since then. Gossiping with friends, taking long walks in the dark, tea, coffee, internet, chatting, downloading, talking on phone, making castles in air and what not, I do after 12 AM. I guess I'm not going to be normal anytime soon. That is the way, and I'm okay with it. Too early to sleep now, let me find something to do.


S.T. said...

main bhi main bhi main bhi aisa hi karti hoon..!!
cat prep spoiled me..and turned me into an engg:p

Smartalec said...

hehe even i was the ideal night animal till worklife happened... gosh! it's impossible for me to do niteouts now! tips please!!

Sumit Ramani said...

I guess would never be able to join the club..nevertheless interesting post

Monica said...

same to same..

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Rohit Talwar said...

Yeah! It usually hits me at 4 to hit the bed because there's stuff to handle at work. Sleep is such a waste of time.

And hey, Lost For Words is one of my most favourite tracks by Pink Floyd. Love the way it was shot for the movie as well. See you around.