May 16, 2008


X: ok
wish our 3 yr old frenship ended on a better note
but i hav to be slefish at dis point of time
me: i wish it never ended


ujhrtaalvenysu said...

?? the X is X now?

80s boy was a great read.

shikha said...


desh said...

no worriesnew ones will be found at a place visited by first by purtagaali tradesmen for cloves and peppers, but they gave india something due to which I will stay happy in mumbai

enjoy at kozhikode which was visted by mr. da gama and he gave india Pav which will my tummies with vada pavs

p.s.- sorry for the senseless reply

Smartalec said...


in the end, it doesnt even matter...

as desi rightly said, cheer up... you're going places dood!!! Time to leave the past behind and kick nostalgia in the butt!!