March 27, 2005

College reopens

College reopens tomorrow. I 'm happy, I don't like vacations unless I have planned something exclusive full of fun and entertainment. So I had a hard time figuring out what to do( apart from academic works and sleeping). There are few reasons why I like working days more than vacations(I'm not workaholic by any chance!!)-

1. I'll get up at time. During vacations the most probable time for me to get up is 1000-1100. Though it is remarkably decent as compared to college standards but I don't like being a couch potato, like most of my friends.

2. The working schedule will keep me busy whole day, hence I'll be essentially away from comp. screen unless it is software lab. This is very important for my eyes.

3. I'll play football in the evening. During vacation most of the guys are home so sports ground is mournfully empty. I'm not an avid sportsman but that's the best way to get fresh air and ache your muscles.

4. I can manage the evening time more effectively on working days.

5. My dying Software Engg. project will get a subtle ray of hope when all groupmates will gather, and the project will get few more breath invariably.

6. Many more, I can't think of right now.

But working days are definitely more enjoyable than holidays. If you have 365 days of holiday an year, then will it serve any purpose?? It's the working days which give holidays their credit.


Naresh said...

so dude... now tht the clg is bk 2 life, how many of those in ur list r u dng???

Amod said...

I guess I have done justice with point no. 1,4,5 isn't it enough?

ravishing nymph said...

lol .. sure is enough if u wanna be a slacker who likes working days lolllll..

Amod said...

@nymph- work is life.