March 24, 2005

Tantalizing Power

Did you ever try to gatecrash in some building while the security guard was trying to stop you?I did, and not just once but a couple of times. Once it was at Reliance Webworld, Satellite Ahmedabad, I reached there with my friend at 1956 and Webworld closes at 2000. The guard was trying to convince me that time is almost over and we are packing up. I was raising the issue that still 3-4 minutes are remaining and I just need to get some information so why the hell are you killing this precious time? While my friend was busy arguing I was waving my hand to the staff(female!) inside, and I was glad she noticed it. But my smile was shortlived and she signalled me to go away showing clock reading 1959!!!Now this is power of power.

The security guard was right, the time was almost over and they must pack up right on time. I was right because I came there before closing time. Who was more right? Or does precision matters at all? This is a matter of analytical discussion but whatever it is, one thing is obvious. The one who is in power, will never leave a chance to show its significance. Don't blame the person in particular, this is human psychology. I think roughly 99.5 % ppl are suffering from PDS(Power Demonstration Syndrome) and ACS(Attention Craving Syndrome). I feel that I'm out of this so I'm left alone always being a victim. The conductor in bus, TTE in train, professor in college, monitor in class, clerk in office are just few instances of people having power and eventually PDS.

So what's the solution??? I have tried verbal and purely logical argumentation but that's of no use. I've not tried complaining to higher officials but I'm pretty sure it won't work. What do you do then? Its not necessary that I should put up a nice fool-proof methodology to deal with such hypocrites. If you have any feasible solution, I'm waiting eagerly...


Anonymous said...

aaarghh.. pick them up and throw them into the dirtiest and deepest river!!!
*ahem**will be good now*

Anonymous said...

change the name of the blog!

The 4 os create a problem in typing.

Change dem!

Will ya!

Amod said...

nice idea grafX, but they r too heavy for me to pick them up n throw in river :)

Amod said...

dear anonymous, I'm really marooned so I can't think of anything else!!! and I'm too marooned, hence marooooned...(the actual marooned has been taken by some1 else)

Bhavesh said...

Maybe a few pushups in the gym and you wud b better equipped to gatecrash?
nyways look at it from their point of view, what a frustating job do they have?

ravishing nymph said...

maybe its time u start a campaign against the PDS and ACD freaks.. lol ..