March 17, 2005

Marching away

I hate March. Always in my life I lived March in a way that doesn't suit my interests. March is supposed to be a great month, ppl say that the weather is nice neither too hot nor too cold plus the major festival Holi makes it even more auspicious. Throughout my life so far, I felt that March had taken more than what it has given to me. March in school days meant annual exams!! So how does it matter if weather is nice, when I'm not at peace. I remember the boring gap of 5-6 days between two papers, and I was so uneasy waiting for it. March symbolized the termination of an academic year and anything which ends gives me a shiver. At the end of March I was generally busy recollecting my thoughts like what I did in this class, why i didn't get good marks, why I didn't ask this question, why I didn't talk to that girl etc. etc. Retrospections are generally disheartening, as one could always do more than what one has done.

I like months like February, April, December etc. December seems to have lot of enigma running with it. May, June, November are quite boring and not to forget March. There need not be rationale behind everything. Sometimes, just act on your hunches!


Anonymous said...

SEPTEMBER is the best!!

PS:- I am a snob!

Anonymous said...
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Grafxgurl said...

yeah .. i dont like march too....coz thats when my bday is.. and also thats when exams happened and invariably somehow the toughest exam landed on my bday..... ho hum..

btw thanks for dropping by!!

Amod said...

when was ur bday??
Life's like that only... keep visiting my blog n i'll do the same favour bye